Aleksandr Bystrow

Alexander Bystrov

I compose music in classical style, i.e. tonal, melodic, hearty, serious.


*  MYSTERIES - pieces in old manner, in two volumes;  Difficulty level: conservatoire      

Volume I:  1. Recalling the Sentimental Waltz, 2. Some Evil Spirits' Amusements, 3. Poseydon, 4. No Name Mystery, 5. Daylight's Coming 

Volume II:  5 Pieces, without names  


No.1, in g moll
No.2, in F dur
No.3, in As dur
Difficulty level: conservatoire

*  Piano Adaptation (Quintet, Mov 2)



**  SONGS, ROMANCES - solos, duettos, trios for voice (soprano, alto, tenor, basso) and piano

1.  Sparrow,  N.Rubcov's verse

2.  Rooks,  I.Kiuru's verse

3.  “Though it's rather late...» (Duet),  Verse of an unknown author

4.  “High oak, deep water...» (2 versions: Duet, Trio),  N. Rubcov's verse

5.  September rose,  A.Fet's verse

6.  “Childhood is Krasnosjekovo village ...»,  Ye.Yevtushenko's verse

7.  Butterfly,  A.Fet's verse

8.  Road (Duet),  S.Yesenin's verse

9.  Song of an old robber,  S.Yesenin's verse

10.  De gustibus non est disputandum  (Vocal Trio or Choir, in Latin)

11.  Plenus venter non studet libenter  (Vocal Trio or Choir, in Latin)

12.  Barba  (Vocal Trio or Choir, in Latin)

13.  Moth,  A.Fet's verse 
14.  "Old romance" Why?,  A.Fet's verse 
15.  Why am I gracious to everyone?,  A.Fet's verse 
16.  Nannie, my tea is not yet sweet enough!,  A.Fet's verse  
17.  Dawn,  A.Fet's verse 
18.  Spring rain,  A.Fet's verse

19.  Grasshopper  (Duet),  M.Lomonosov's verse,  from Oratorium "On the Nature of Things"

20.  Fly,  M.Lomonosov's verse

21.  Found, lyrics by J.Goethe

**  ENSEMBLES for woodwinds and piano

1. DUETT for Flute and Fagotto
2. DUETT for Flute and Piano
3. QUARTET for Flute, Clarinet, Fagotto and Piano
4. TRIO I for Flute, Clarinet (or two Clarinets) and Fagotto
5. TRIO II for Flute, Clarinet (...) and Fagotto
6. TRIO III for Flute, Clarinet (...) and Fagotto
7. DUETT for Oboe and Fagotto
8. TRIO for Oboe, Clarinet and Piano
9. TRIO for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contrafagotto
10. TRIO for 2 Clarinets and Fagotto

11. QUINTET for Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Fagotto and Contrafagotto


**  The 1-st volume of the piano collection 'Mysteries' can be perused at  and obtained at different internet sites (use a search engine with 'Mysteries - pieces in old manner'). The vocal collection (which also includes what could not be published here) can be looked in at the Sheet Music Department of the National Library of Russia, Saint Petersburg.

**  The author would be glad to have trustful cooperation with a respectable Publishing House.

**  Your comments and feedback are welcome >  Contact

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